Who was Effie Zuella?

My grandfather had an older, spinster sister named “Effie Zuella”…I kid you not. Kind of a Maxine character come to life…or maybe she was the inspiration and Hallmark owes our family bunches of cards at the family discount.

Tales are told of the ferocious tantrums that Effie would throw when she didn’t get her way. She said what she wanted to say when she want to say it, and she did not suffer fools gladly. I was not privileged to know her since she died before I was born, but I greatly admire a woman who could throw a fit, especially in the early 1900s!

Who I am and how I got here

I am the elder sister in a gaggle of dysfunctional family members. There are parents…what’s left of them. There are brothers, a sister, some sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, cousins, aunts, uncles, children, grandchildren. There’s an accountant, a marketing director of a mid-sized company, a data entry inputter, a mechanic, some students, some ner-do-wells, a greasy construction worker, a housewife, and some extraordinary people.

I love them all…but sometimes I want to bury them in the back corner of our “propaty”.

I must get this all down in writing, because people would never believe it all happened and we actually lived through it.

Our Propaty and Daily Life on the Range

We live on 25+ acres in the middle of a subdivision. Some people might call it an “estate”…we call it the “State of Confusion”. We live down at the end of a dead end road that strikes off from one of the interior subdivision streets. Most people don’t know we’re even back here!!

We moved my parents into the existing house and we spent a year building our dream home about 1000 feet back from their home. We have barns, outbuildings, a big pond with a 70 ton waterfall, acres and acres of pecan orchards, and lots of open pasture land. We have 3 horses (currently), two mini-donkeys, two dogs, a cat, and assorted wildlife, including a couple of hawks, some ants, a skunk or two, and a gadzillion squirrels.


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