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I Might Have an Effie
November 14, 2008

I’m not sure yet if I will be having an Effie, but I might.

It has recently come to my attention the power of a Domestic Assault charge.

No, not me.

If you hit me, I’m gonna be the one with the assault charge because I will hit you back…HARD.

I am a survivor of Domestic Assault, and as such, I do not take lightly the charge. It is a serious problem that occurs in more relationships than we even suspect. It isn’t funny, or a joke…whether you are the abused, the abuser, or accused of the crime. CRIME. It’s a CRIME…against the law and against humanity.

Back when I lived the nightmare, a charge of Domestic Assault was rarely brought. There is not much worse for a peace officer than to be called out on an alleged Domestic Assault. On more than once occasion the hitter and hittee have turned on the officers and mayhem has ensued. In the olden days, the officers made every effort to NOT have to take anybody to jail. They might send one person off for the foreseeable future, often to sober up, but actual arrest was a last resort.